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The Explore section displays the three device categories currently within our database, as shown in the sidebar on the left.
  • Click on a category to select devices from this category. A submenu, with a search entry box, will be provided to filter the devices shown.
  • You can search for a device, if you know a little about its name, model number or manufacturer. Start typing one keyword and follow the prompts displayed below the search field. Double-click on the prompt, or just press return, to trigger the search.
  • Use a single keyword, with letters and digits. Do not include spaces, dashes or other symbols. For example, if a device is called Acme ABC-123-YZ, you can search for Acme, ABC123YZ or just ABC123, 123YZ or 123.
  • The query table on the left is divided into the sections of interest, as seen. Click on any item to reveal the result in the window on the right.
  • Double-click on any device shown to open a new window with full details of that device.
  • In the detail window, information can be found on the device manufacturer, whether the device has been accredited by Medaval for accuracy, the validation status of the device, device manuals, any PubMed references to validations relevant to that device etc.

You can return to a new search by clicking on the category of choice on the right or “clear search” at any time and starting over again.

To get started click on choices below:

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Glucose Meters

Pulse Oximeters