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Rossmax Mandaus II (GA101, GA102, GA112)

Device Name:Mandaus II
Device Model:GA101 (no stethoscope), GA102 (stethoscope), GA112 (double-head stethoscope)
Manufacturer:Sole: Rossmax International Ltd., 12F - 189 Kang Chien Road, Taipei 114, TAIWAN PRC.
Measuring functions:Blood pressure
Primary Client Use:Intended for professional use
Measurement Site:Upper Arm
Measurement Occurrence:Single measurements only
Availability:Available Currently

The technology used in the Rossmax Mandaus II (GA101, GA102, GA112), to measure blood pressure, has passed in a clinical validation study, in a general population, according to a recognised standard protocol, as published in a peer-reviewed publication.

Accuracy AssessmentRecommendationBasis
MedavalLegacy approvalOlder clinical validation; older protocol
ESH (Europe)Professional usePublished evidence
Stride BPOffice and hospital use for adultsPublished evidence

Validation Publications

Tasker F, de Greeff A, Liu B, Shennan AH. Validation of a non-mercury digital auscultatory device according to the European Hypertension Society protocol: Rossmax Mandaus II. Blood Press Monit. 2009 Jun;14(3):121-4. doi: 10.1097/MBP.0b013e32832a9dbe. PMID: 19417636.

ESH-IP:2002 - Pass General population