Petr Telegin BpLab

Device Name:BpLab
Manufacturer:Sole: ООО Петр Телегин (Petr Telegin Ltd.) (BPLab), 603950 Нижний Новгород, проспект Гагарина д.37, ГСП 1081 (37 Gagarin Avenue, GSP 1081, Nizhny Novgorod 603950), RUSSIAN FEDERATION.
Measuring functions:Blood pressure
Primary Client Use:Intended for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
Measurement Site:Upper Arm
Measurement Occurrence:Intermittent measurements at specified intervals or times
Availability:Available Currently

The technology used in the Petr Telegin BpLab, to measure blood pressure, has passed in five clinical validation studies, between general and pregnancy populations, according to recognised standard protocols, as published in peer-reviewed publications.

Accuracy AssessmentRecommendationBasis
Medaval★★ RecommendationRecent clinical validation; older protocol; multiple clinical validations
BIHS (UK and IRL)Published evidence
ESH (Europe)ABPM in adults and childrenPublished evidence

Validation Publications

Рогоза АН. [Rogoza AN.] К вопросу о точности измерения АД автоматическими приборами. [Accuracy of blood pressure estimation by automated monitors.] Функциональная диагностика [Functional diagnostics]. 2003;1:56-64. Available from: (Details from: In Russian.

ESH-IP:2002 - Pass General population

BHS:1993 - Pass (A/A) General population

SP10:2002 - Pass General population

Бартош ЛФ, Дорогова ИВ, Кузнецова ТН, Крылова АВ. [Bartosh LF, Dorogova IV, Kuznetsova TN, Krylova AV.] Тестирование суточного монитора артериального давления BPLab® на беременных в соответствии с методикой Международного протокола ESH 2001. [The testing of BPLab Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor on the pregnant in conformity with International Protocol of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH-2001)] Артериальная гипертензия [Arterial Hypertension]. 2006;12(3):3-6. Available from: In Russian.

ESH-IP:2002 - Pass Pregnancy

Koudryavtcev SA, Lazarev VM. Validation of the BPLab(®) 24-hour blood pressure monitoring system according to the European standard BS EN 1060-4:2004 and British Hypertension Society protocol. Med Devices (Auckl). 2011;4:193-6. Epub: 2011 Oct 26. doi: 10.2147/MDER.S25800. PMID: 22915946. Available from: PMC3417890.

BHS:1993 - Pass (A/A) General population

1060-4:2004 - Pass General population

Ledyaev MY, Stepanova OV, Ledyaeva AM. Validation of the BPLab(®) 24-hour blood pressure monitoring system in a pediatric population according to the 1993 British Hypertension Society protocol. Med Devices (Auckl). 2015 Feb;2(8):115-8. doi: 10.2147/MDER.S78515. PMID: 25674018. Available from: PMC4321653.

BHS:1993 - Pass (A/A) General population

Dorogova IV, Panina ES. Comparison of the BPLab® sphygmomanometer for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring with mercury sphygmomanometry in pregnant women: validation study according to the British Hypertension Society protocol. Vasc Health Risk Manag. 2015 Apr 13;11:245-9. doi: 10.2147/VHRM.S82381. PMID: 25926739. Available from: PMC4403505. eCollection 2015.

BHS:1993 - Pass (A/A) Pregnancy (n=30)

Relevant Publications

Моисеева НМ, Пономарев ЮА, Сергеева МВ, Рогоза АН. [Moiseeva NM, Ponomarev YA, Sergeeva MV, Rogoza AN.] Оценка показателей ригидности магистральных артерий по данным бифункционального суточного мониторирования АД и ЭКГ прибором BPLab. [Evaluation of main arteries rigidity indices according to the data of bifunctional 24-hour BP and ECG monitoring with the BPLab device.] Артериальная гипертензия [Arterial Hypertension]. 2007;13(1):1-5. Available from: In Russian.

The publication describes the use of the Petr Telegin BpLab in a scientific study.