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Maquet Eirus

Device Name:Eirus

Distributer: Getinge AB, Lindholmspiren 7, SE-417 56 Gothenburg, SWEDEN.

Sole: Maquet Holding B.V. & Co. KG, Kehlerstraße 31, 76437 Rastatt, GERMANY.

Measuring functions:Blood glucose
Primary Client Use:Intended for patient monitoring
Measurement Site:Finger
Measurement Occurrence:Continuous measurement
Availability:Discontinued but still available

The technology used in the Maquet Eirus, to measure blood glucose, has passed in a clinical validation study, in a specific population, according to a recognised standard protocol, as published in a peer-reviewed publication.

Accuracy AssessmentRecommendationBasis
MedavalRecommended in certain condition(s)Validation in specific condition(s). See publications for details.

Validation Publications

Schierenbeck F, Öwall A, Franco-Cereceda A, Liska J. Evaluation of a continuous blood glucose monitoring system using a central venous catheter with an integrated microdialysis function. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2013 Jan;15(1):26-31. Epub: 2012 Nov 8. doi: 10.1089/dia.2012.0169. PMID: 23137021.

15197:2003 - Pass Patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Relevant Publications

Leopold JH, van Hooijdonk RTM, Boshuizen M, Winters T, Bos LD, Abu-Hanna A, Hoek AMT, Fischer JC, van Dongen-Lases EC, Schultz MJ. Point and trend accuracy of a continuous intravenous microdialysis-based glucose-monitoring device in critically ill patients: a prospective study. Ann Intensive Care. 2016 Dec;6(1):68. Epub: 2016 Jul 19. doi: 10.1186/s13613-016-0171-3. PMID: 27436191. Available from: PMC4951389.

The performance of the device is evaluated, in 12 patients who had an expected intensive care unit stay of at least 48 h, though not in a formal validation.

Schierenbeck F, Franco-Cereceda A, Liska J. Accuracy of 2 Different Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2017 Jan;11(1):108-16. Epub: 2016 Jul 9. doi: 10.1177/1932296816651632. PMID: 27257168. Available from: PMC5375060.

Measurements from the Maquet Eirus are compared to those from the Abbott FreeStyle Libre, though not in a formal validation.