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Validated Blood Pressure devices

Blood Pressure Monitors are now Star Rated by Medaval

Medaval has introduced for the very first time, a scientific means of star rating Blood Pressure monitors for accuracy.

Why is it necessary to do so?..

To protect consumers from inaccurate devices.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors

Comparison sites such as ‘Which’, ‘Best Reviews’, ‘Consumer Reports’ etc and ‘Amazon’ and ‘Alibaba’ and countless others, combined with the search engines sites of ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo’ and ‘Bing’ etc, means the consumer side of the medical device industry is nothing short of a lottery.

The ACCURACY, of any medical device, is the first and only consideration, when it comes to making a purchase decision.

Extra features and comforts, coupled with price, are then only a bonus.

If the device is not ACCURATE, then it is a toy, and your health is at serious risk.

The scientific community over the last 25 year or more, have done all the hard work for the consumer.

The science is there, its called Clinically Validated Devices, and if it’s not Clinically Validated, then it is not proven to be accurate.

It’s as simple as that.

From last month, we STAR RATE all clinically validated blood pressure monitors (BPM’s) from 5 stars down, with a special emphasis on 3, 4 and 5-star devices.

Please see here for the criteria for our ratings. We have also added the 3, 4 & 5-star rated devices to our Device Registry landing page for BPM’s and will be rolling out the same for BGM’s shortly.
HOWEVER, we watermark all images on our site where no validation information can be found for a device. We further list under Assessment, categories for Non-Published Studies, and Non-Standard Studies, as well as a multitude of filtering options.
This is the most comprehensive market study ever undertaken for Blood Pressure Monitors and supersedes the recent ESH study editorial, (using listings by Medaval)  Ref: Journal of Hypertension 2018,36:479-487, which had many inaccuracies.
We are concerned for the consumer with the proliferation of pseudo validation studies and advertisements designed to be inferred as scientific assessments.
We plan to carry out further analysis over the year in order to highlight the shocking state of the market and lack of any meaningful regulation to prevent non-validated devices being sold as “clinically tested”.

From our findings, it would appear that the majority of online sales are now going to non validated devices.

2 thoughts on “Blood Pressure Monitors are now Star Rated by Medaval

    1. George, as there appears to be no clinical validation information available for the Vitalgoods VGP-4300-W or (G) its accuracy has to questioned. All claims of accuracy have to be proven by the manufacturers, and the international recognised way of doing this, is for the manufacturer to undertake a validation of the device to a latest protocol. The accuracy of any medical device is the critical issue, nothing else. Hope this helps.

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