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Blood Pressure Monitor, 80% are probably inaccurate.

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A Blood Pressure Monitor is used to diagnose Hypertension and Hypotension

An accurate Blood Pressure Monitor is essential but only 1 in 5 have been clinically validated. 

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) kills nearly 10 million people annually worldwide and is the major cause of disability across the globe. In the majority of people with hypertension, blood pressure is inadequately controlled and if blood pressure was controlled and lowered, many millions of deaths, strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular events would be prevented. Most adult people do not not know they have high blood pressure and, for that reason, it has been termed the ‘Silent Killer’.

However, the diagnosis and the management of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) and its treatment is dependent on accurate measurement. This means that the Blood Pressure Monitor must be validated strictly according to a standard protocol. 

Over 80% of all Blood Pressure Monitors sold on the market today are not proven to be accurate. Check your blood pressure monitor on our registry, the largest in the world, to see if it has been clinically validated.

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