Medaval’s Star Rating criteria

Medaval’s registry of devices filters clinically validated devices from non validated devices and or from devices for which it was not possible to find evidence for a reported validation study. Currently over 3,500 devices available in the market place are listed in the registries for Blood Pressure Monitors, Blood Glucose Meters and Pulse Oximeters.  Over 88% of all devices have never been tested for accuracy in accordance with a standard protocol. However only 4% of those that have undertaken a clinical validation, have done so within the last 10 years. A Medaval Certified device is one that has been scrutinised from scratch 1) to ensure that a suitable protocol , meeting current standards, was used, 2) to ensure that the protocol was followed correctly and 3) to ensure that the measurement technology satisfied the passing criteria.

Medaval only awards star ratings to validated devices and the rating policy for BPM devices is:

  • 5-Star Medaval Certified and Multiple Validations
  • 4-Star Medaval Certified (Validation study, according to current protocol, within past 10 years, proven to be conducted strictly according to protocol)
  • 3-Star Published validation according to current protocol, within past 10 years. Multiple validations
  • 2-Star Two of: Published validation according to current protocol, validated within past 10 years, multiple validations
  • 1-Star One of: Published validation according to current protocol, validated within past 10 years, multiple validation

Graphical explanation as below












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