Medaval Awards

Medaval awards its first Certificates to 3 manufactures of Accurate Devices at the recent European Society of Hypertension conference in Milan last month. The certificates that Medaval awards are a Certificate of Accreditation for devices that have been proven to be accurate, for a particular function, according to a specified protocol.

The validation is studied, not only for the results but also to ensure the protocol was followed correctly. Devices certified by Medaval can carry a Medaval Certification of accuracy, on its packaging, in its literature and in advertisements for that device for a period of time.
Medaval certifies the measurement technology, rather than the device itself. Medaval also provide a comparative-equivalence service whereby devices that share the same technology can also carry the certification.

Received by and on behalf of custo med GmbH.

Dr Peter Rumm,

Medical Project Consultant

Alessandro Grande,

Export Sales Manager

Presented to custo med GmbH.

By Con Creedon, CEO Medaval Ltd.

Received by and on behalf of Omron Healthcare EMEA

Karel Herberigs

Medical Marketing Group Manager,EMEA

Matthieu Valk

Corporate Communications Group Manager,EMEA

Presented to Omron Healthcare.

By Con Creedon, CEO Medaval Ltd

Neil Atkins Chief Analytical Officer, Medaval Ltd.


Received by and on behalf of A&D Instruments Ltd.

Tomoko Iizuka

Medical Business Development Division

Marie-Laure Antoine

Head of Customer Service & Inside Sales

Presented to A&D Instruments Ltd

By Con Creedon, CEO Medaval

Neil Atkins. Chief Analytical Officer, Medaval Ltd.


Medaval Approved lists

Medaval has just posted up on its website (Click Here) 
approved lists for the following categories of devices:

  • Medaval Certified Blood Pressure Devices.
  • Accurate Upper Arm Home Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • Accurate Wrist Home Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • Accurate Monitors for Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement.
  • Accurate Professional & Hospital Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • Accurate Blood Pressure Monitors for Pregnancy, Children and other Groups.
  • Accurate Blood Glucose Meters

All the lists are interactive with our database and are free to download in pdf format.

All lists will be updated regularly as devices become awarded accreditation, undergo Comparative Equivalence and or awarded a pass under a validation study.