The accuracy of the majority of medical devices is not regulated and there is little or no guidance or advice being provided for the consumer, who often take device accuracy for granted.

The purpose of this site is to award accurate medical devices the Medaval Certificate of Accreditation and to provide an identifiable mark of accuracy for all purchasers of medical devices.

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Device Databases

Medaval’s website offers a comprehensive, searchable database of medical devices. Blood Pressure Monitors and Blood Glucose Meters are covered at present, however we will soon be expanding into other device-types.

Validated Device Lists

We provide lists of validated Blood Pressure Monitors and Blood Glucose Meters, which are freely available for Download

For Manufacturers


Devices certified by Medaval can carry a Medaval Certification of accuracy, on its packaging, in its literature and in advertisements for that device


Medaval awards a Certificate of Accreditation to devices that have been proven to be accurate, for a particular function, according to a specified protocol.

Comparative Equivalence

Medaval offers a comparative-equivalence service whereby devices that share the same technology can carry the Medaval certification.

Assessment Reports

Medaval’s comprehensive assessment reports on Accredited Devices are available for purchase.

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