The accuracy of the majority of medical devices is not regulated and there is little or no guidance or advice being provided for the consumer, who often take device accuracy for granted.

The purpose of this site is to award accurate medical devices the Medaval Certificate of Accreditation so that the use of its brand & logo will provide an identifiable mark of accuracy for all purchasers of medical devices.

Medaval listing criteria:

Medaval Certified Devices will always display at the highest levels throughout the website. The reason for this is that Medaval provides a comprehensive assessment of device validation studies carried out according to the most stringent protocols available at the time of validation For validation studies, all study details are assessed in order to ensure that the study was carried out in strict compliance with the protocol. It is only then that the study results can be considered valid. Assessments are an ongoing process and our lists will be updated regularly.

Validated devices rank next. Devices, with measurement technology for which a scientific validation study was carried out, are identified and listed separately from those for which it was not possible to find evidence for a reported validation study.Only 391 of the 2,244 blood pressure monitors (17%) and 50 of the 559 blood glucose meters (9%) were identified as having a published validation (as listed in PubMed), of the respective measurement technology, according to a recognised standard protocol. We were unable to find any such validations for pulse oximeters.

Non-Validated devices. Lastly we list all other devices that we have been able to identify. However because we have not been able to find evidence of a reported validation study we cannot regard these devices as been accurate, until evidence is shown that a validation study was performed or until one is undertaken.

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