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Check if your Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Glucose Meter and Pulse Oximeter are accurate
The reason you need to check if your device is accurate, is because the VAST majority of devices for sale in the market place today, ARE NOT ACCURATE
Check if your device is accurate
Start entering the device name below. Click on the device you require, when you see it in the list. Click on the magnifying glass for details on that device or, at any stage, for a list of all partial matches.
This search facility, and filter search, is also provided on the navigation bar, above, on all pages.
Welcome to Medaval's brand new layout and features!
Our new enhanced filter facility directs you immediately to only Clinically Validated Devices i.e devices that have been proven to be accurate. Our menu and footer now facilite direct access to our pages.
The site is now supported by a new database structure. You will appreciate the enhanced filtering and search facilities. Please refer to our filtering instructions to get the most out of these features.
We have added new filters, for your convenience, including the ability to select devices available in your country. We welcome updates from retailers and manufacturers to ensure that this reflects the true availability of devices around the world.
We will be adding new features over the coming weeks, including translations into several languages.
Please contact us and tell us your views on our new layout and tell us of features you would like us to add.
The purpose of this site is to guide both professional and lay users purchasing certain medical devices, as to whether the device has ever been proven to be accurate, as the vast majority have not.
Medaval provides the most comprehensive independent international device registry and database for Blood Pressure Monitors, Blood Glucose Meters and Pulse Oximeters.
We provide best-device lists based exclusively on scientifically proven accuracy.
We also star rate many devices and our Star-rating criteria is provided on the website.
Lists of devices with proven accuracy in specific populations and circumstances are also provided and devices without any validation evidence are indicated.
We do not give support or advice for any of the products we list on this site.
If product manuals are publicly available, we provide a link for you to download.
All service queries etc, should be addressed to the product manufacturer (for details see Blood Pressure Monitor Manufacturer Details and Blood Glucose Meter Manufacturer Details), who should put you in touch with your local service agent.